Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ubuntu: Last nail in the coffin

I decided to give Ubuntu one more try and do a fresh install of Feisty (the most recent version I had). The nv driver again proved worthless by only giving me 800x600 but the restricted drivers manager correctly installed the binary drivers. But I notice something weird with 'sudo' when I was trying to set up my SVN repos. I did a 'sudo svn-admin create /home/svn-code', but nothing happened. I tried a 'sudo mkdir foo' and it didn't make a directory. 'sudo passwd root' didn't prompt me for a new password. What's going on? I reboot the machine, figuring it might be because it was because I upgraded some fundamental packages. I reboot, log back in, and now everything from my System->Administration menu is gone. I can't sudo, can't log in as root, can't do anything. I'm locked out of my own machine! Ubuntu is now officially banned from any machine I have control over.

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xenthox said...

are you for real? first of all, use the latest version available, and second, learn how to use linux. any problems similar to yours are caused due to faulty usage (removing essential OS files and so on)

i personally hate ubuntu too, but for whole other reasons.